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Burger Star CheltenhamBurger Star opened its first store in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire on the 6th March 1981. At this time real fast food outlets were few and far between.

An intense programme of research, carried out prior to the opening, resulted in the ethos that only the very best quality ingredients would ever be used in the Burger Star product.

This theme has continued throughout the company's development and menu expansion programme. Customer feed-back has always been actively pursued, consequently the menu has developed to include a full range of hamburgers, pizzas, chicken and vegetarian products. This comprehensive list is complemented by drinks and desserts of the highest quality.

Unique features of the Burger Star system are:-

  • All products are 'cooked to order'.
  • Customers have a choice of self serve relishes and dressings
    The Burger Star Mission Statement

    'A premier product served by first class staff to discerning customers'

    Over the years this approach has enhanced the reputation of Burger Star to such an extent that whole families have developed an allegiance to the range of Burger Star products.

    The exceptional service results from a staff training programme focused on personal development and self motivation. In turn this plays a major part in creating the positive ambience in every Burger Star outlet.

    As a result of a steady expansion there are now franchised stores located in Gloucester, Stroud and Ross on Wye.

    The success of these franchisees pays testimony to the viability of the entire Burger Star system, which is well placed to provide further franchising opportunities throughout the United Kingdom.

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